5 ways to generate new leads 

 October 16, 2015

By  Tom Buford

Attracting customers is one of the biggest challenges companies face. Without customers buying your products or services, your business won’t last. Here are five things you can do right now to bring more leads to you.

1. Call up your favorite business writer and tell her what makes you good at what you do.

Good publicity will send customers your way. Find business writers at your local newspaper that have previously written about businesses like yours. Send them an email to introduce yourself and tell them you’d like to be a source for them the next time they’re writing an article about your industry.

2. Get referrals by telling people what’s in it for them.

Let your friends and colleagues know you reward referrals with generous gifts. The gift can be cash in the form of a finder’s fee, tickets to a sporting event or some other way to show gratitude. Show your appreciation to those who’ve helped you get new business and they’ll be sure to continue sending referrals your way.

3. Participate in a trade show.

You don’t necessarily have to exhibit at a trade show – you just have to walk through the doors. Trade shows are a great place to identify leads, get business cards and talk to company representatives. These representatives can give you insider details you can use to later contact the company.

4. Blog about it.

“It” is what your customers care about most. Set up a blog or become a guest blogger for a popular industry blog and write about common challenges you’ve resolved for your existing clients. Potential customers who’ve had the similar challenges will contact you to find solutions.

5. Stalk your prospects online.

Make a list of everyone you want as a customer, find their social network profiles and follow them. Show you value their ideas by commenting on their posts and sharing their content across your own social-media profiles. This will create a connection you can use to discuss your business with them.

What are some other lead-generation efforts that have worked for you? Share below in the comments!

Tom Buford

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