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Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best ways you can direct people to your website. In simple terms, it means paying for each time a potential customer clicks on your website through search engine advertising. Our Atlanta PPC services are delivered by experts with years of experience creating effective PPC strategies and we’re ready to help you today. 

Why You Need Atlanta PPC 

Many business owners find PPC too difficult to maintain and therefore, don’t see the potential of using this marketing strategy. In reality, PPC is an excellent way to direct traffic to your website, and it gives you control over how much you’d like to invest in your advertising. 

Working on a CPC (cost per click) basis, you can set a rate you’re willing to pay every time someone clicks on an advert. The more you’re willing to spend, the higher you’ll rank and this puts some business owners off. However, our experts use techniques to help you get the most out of our Atlanta PPC service. 

Increase Your Quality Score For Your Adwords Campaigns

Google rates your website based on the bounce rate and levels of engagement. This means that if people click on your website and immediately leave, the quality level will decrease. However, using our Atlanta PPC service can help you create relevant adverts that will attract the right audience. 

Find The Right Clients Using Pay-Per-Click

PPC is the epitome of quality over quantity. Yes, you can create an advert that reaches loads of people, but will that increase your customer base? We’ll work with you to target clients that want to use your service, which increases both your profitability and quality score. 

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Use The Right Atlanta PPC Keywords 

Google has a tool to build adverts in just minutes, so why do you need us? Think about how many people are using this tool and look at the keywords it generates. While doing it yourself might seem cost-effective, it impacts the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Build Out Marketing will find the right keywords to attract users to your website. Our expert team uses their experience and expertise to put together a strategy that works. Less competition means more visibility. 

Using a mixture of positive and negative keywords, we target people based on what they’re searching for. Many people create PPC campaigns based on what they offer, but this means customers are less likely to find their ads. For example, instead of using generic keywords such as Local Florists, we’ll incorporate an aspect of your business into our keyword strategy to direct users to specific pages. 

Specialists in Mobile PPC 

Google now requires all PPC adverts to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Enhanced campaigns are a requirement for all AdWords campaigns, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your advert will suffer. 

Our in-house specialists can design, test and evaluate enhanced campaigns to ensure your adverts perform to their maximum ability. 

Variety of Search Options 

While some companies choose to specialize in Google Ads, we recognize that other search engines can generate higher engagement levels for new and small businesses, because there’s less competition. 

Bing and Yahoo are popular search engines, but most people don’t factor them into their PPC campaigns. We offer our customers the opportunity to ensure their ads reach customers on all platforms, increasing your chances of a successful advert. 

Join Us On The Path to Success 

We understand that marketing your business can be a daunting process, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. There are many PPC services in Atlanta, but as Build Out Marketing we like to go the extra mile to ensure your brand stands out. 

Contact us for a discussion about how we can help you. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey and you can think of Build Out Marketing as your all-in-one wingman! 

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