exclusive roofing leads


We Have Exclusive Leads In Your Area For You!

Exclusive Leads?!​

Yup, We Generate Exclusive Leads For All Kinds Of Roofing Jobs In Your Preferred Zip Codes Areas.

Shingle Roofs

Metal Roofs

Single-Ply | Flat


How Does It Work?

  1. You Tell Us What Zip Codes You Want To Receive Leads In.
  2. We Set Up The Parameters In Our System, And Roof Replacement Leads That Come In And Fit The Zips You Want Will Be Forwarded To You.
  3. The Leads Are EXCLUSIVE To You!
  4. $297 For First Month (Includes Setup) And $197/Month After That.
  5. Average Cost Per Lead: Around $100
  6. Our System Is Producing Leads For Contractors To The Tune Of 4 To 6 Leads Per Minute, 24/7, All Over The Country!

What We Need From You:

  1. The Types Of Roofs You Can Handle (Asphalt, Shingles, Metal, Shake, Etc).
  2. All The Zip Codes You Want Leads From.
  3. What Times You Want To Receive The Leads
  4. The Phone Number + Email You Want To Receive The Leads To.
  5. Tell Us How Many Leads Per Day/Week/Month You Want To Handle.
  6. Your Payment Info

That's All!

No Adspend, No Campaigns, No Adwords, No Pay Per Click, No FB Ads,
Just Exclusive Leads Flowing In To Your Phone/Inbox From Our System.

From The Moment You Decide To Jump In And Implement This We Should Be Ready To Roll Within 48 To 72 Hours.

We're Ready When You Are

Wanna Talk About It?

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Basically... the leads are coming in already. 

I’m going to sell them to someone... 

If you and I don’t get this up and running, I will sell these leads to your competitor. 

Simple as that. 

Let's see if we're a good fit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to book a call with us if a question you may have isn't answered here!

Are you selling the same service to other contractors in my area?

No! We only work with ONE CONTRACTOR PER ZIP CODE/AREA to ensure exclusivity on the leads you get.

How does the payment/fees work?

We collect the money for the setup and access to the system upfront via Credit Card. We also apply a credit to the account for the purchase of leads. It’s going to be 297$ for the First Month for access to our system, then we charge per lead. Depending on how many leads you can handle each day: Let's say 5 for example. We would recommend a $750 credit to get started. The credit is applied to your account, and as each lead comes in, it debits your account –working that $750 down to $0. Once we hit a certain recharge limit, say $100, we will set the system to credit your account again for another $750. So there will be an initial charge of 297$ + whatever amount of credit you want to put in for the first month. (750$/month credit is recommended) After the first month, monthly fee drops to 197$ + Credits debited as the leads come in.

What do I get for the monthly maintenance fee?

The monthly fee gets you access to the lead referral system AND an automated follow-up system account. Leads will be imported directly into your account, where followup sequences will be initiated. Depending on the amount of SMS/Voice drops and Emails sent by the system: There will also be a tiny charge for the data used, but we’re talking about MAYBE $20-50/ month for text and voicemail followup. THIS IS NOTHING IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS. This system is provided to refine the quality of your leads and reduce the work load on your end.

Can you get me leads in specific zip codes?

Yup. Just tell us which zips you want.

Can I set daily/monthly limits on leads?


Can you set time(s) that leads come in?

Yes. We can limit leads to come in only at certain times. Of course, this may limit the quantity of leads you will receive, but yes, we can limit this as needed.

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