Hilary Potts Executive Coach

Thanks to Tom, I was able to pull together and automate aspects of my marketing and business development strategy. Tom's straightforward, easy to work with, and full of ideas and options. I've incorporated many aspects that I would not have done on my own.

Ann ReynoldsWine Compliance Consultant

I started working with Tom in 2012. My business was 3 years in and still struggling to find its legs. I needed someone with an outside view on what I was doing to introduce some new ways of thinking that I could not do for myself. Tom was there for that. He was a cheerleader, an idea bouncer, and always had no shortage of ideas for follow up steps. My business made dramatic progress as a result of our working together. Specifically, my annual revenues have more than tripled since working with Tom.

Michael BloomCaregiving Consultant

Tom Buford provides outstanding marketing training programs. If you want to learn how to quickly develop and sell an on-line course or fill your training programs, connect with Tom as soon as possible. Beyond just developing your programs, Tom can advise you on how to maximize your success with solid marketing strategies. The best part is that Tom is authentic and an all around great guy!

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