GMB Access Instructions

Step 1.
Be sure to be signed into the Google/Gmail account associated with the Google My Business location and go to the following URL:

Step 2.
If you manage multiple locations, select the desired location. If you manage a single location you should be taken directly to the account dashboard.

Step 3.
Select "Users" in the left column.

local marketing adding gmb access image 1

Step 4.
Click the icon at the top, right hand corner.

local marketing adding gmb access image 2

Step 5.
Add the following email address to the field and select "Manager" from the dropdown
(buildoutmarketing [at] gmail [dot] com) 

GMB instructions for local businesses

That's it. Once you invite Buildout Marketing to access your GMB account we will be notified and can begin work.


The Buildout Marketing Team

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