Google Adwords Case Study for Roofers

Top Performing Account Highlights (Last 30 Days)

Roofing PPC Case Study Graph

Performance Expectations

Average CPC Range


Search CTR




Average Position




Conversion Rate


Comparison to Industry Averages

Average CPC 

Ours: $5.43

Industry Avg: $8.25

Difference: -34.2%

Conversion Rate

Ours: 11.63%

Industry Avg: 10%

Difference: +16.3%


Ours: $46

Industry Avg: $82.50

Difference: -44.25%


  • Average conversion rate for lead generation is 10%
  • Client is using our landing page since beginning to work with us.
  • Other clients not using our proven landing page templates are not going as strong results.


  • 83% increase in conversion rate since campaign launch.
  • Over the last 90 days, decreased CPA by 44% through account optimizations
  • Improved average position by 22% without increasing CPCs

Here are a few competitive considerations to keep in mind. How are you positioned with the following:

  • Experience
  • Quality of materials/technology
  • Warranties
  • Types of roofs offered (metal, shingle, clay, etc)
  • Financing and pricing information, including the availability of no advance payment
  • Accreditations, certifications, memberships, etc.

See if your Roofing company qualifies for our Lead Generation Program:

While we can certainly generate leads for any company, turning those leads into happy, paying clients is not only important for you, it’s important for us as well.

We’ve found that to have the most success with our leads, your roofing company should have the following in place:

  • You have a good existing website with lots of usable content, especially pictures
  • Roofing is what you specialize in - you’re not a general contractor that happens to take on roofing projects
  • You offer various types of roofs (shingle, metal, etc)
  • You have happy client testimonials that we can highlight throughout the campaign
  • You’re highly experienced and deliver a solid roofing project
  • You’re licensed, insured and bonded
  • Financing is available
  • No payment is necessary until the job is complete

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